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Motorsport is always a pioneer in electronics and software solutions. Experience we gained through our partners SIN CARS, their ten years designing, building and racing with all over the world is all that our L CITY EVs are established on. From information system to power module distribution, all electronic systems and components are design and engineered with a Motorsport knowledge and passion. In-house development and integration of these solutions for our electric vehicles gives us independence and experience.

Here you can read more about L CITY’s rapid progress.

Cloud Integration

All data providing components are connected through our online cloud system and are always available for quick update and functionality check. Monitoring and remotely triggering problem is available. This was made with the Delivery companies in mind and their needs.

Mechatronic solutions

Over the years SIN CARS has gained plenty of knowledge from motorsport to build what they consider to be the perfect race car – the SIN R1 and it has competed successfully against some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. We took this knowledge and invested it in what is to become the perfect EV platform. With attention to simplicity, strength, cost effectiveness and flexibility we engineered and designed the mechatronic parts, i.e. the chassis, the suspension, the composite body work to form a final quality product, built in our own micro factories using the matrix method.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Matrix manufacturing (MM) via Micro factories is a new method developed and part of Industry 4.0. Cell-based assembly instead of the traditional automotive production line eases small series manufacturers and offer greater variations in models and quantities.

This new method of robotized cell-based assembly makes manufacturing of L CITY EV flexible and easy. Such micro factories can be deployed quickly in any existing commercial spaces. Such Micro factories could spread the production all over the world and will reduce shipping costs of sold vehicles.

L CITY Advantages

• Motorsport experience in L CITY EV design and manufacture
• Unique design platform and vehicle
• Better total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to ICE vehicles equivalents
• Local Micro factories deployed worldwide with a small footprint and low CAPEX
• Solar panels integration – the first in the cargo EV.
• In-house made battery pack

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