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New generation of universal, multifunctional urban electric vehicle for the needs of your business

About the platform

The modular concept of the L CITY platform is the ideal assistant for businesses in industry, trade and tourism, as well as for the public sector. Created as a universal tool for foreign countries, L CITY is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution for the widest possible variety of businesses.

About The Battery

All vehicles run with the internal combustion engines for more than a century. An entire industry is still involved from gaining fuel to manufacturing parts and components.

The Change to e-mobility has already started and raised technological progress to the users and entire automotive industry.

It is time to say goodbye to old techs. L CITY is part of the future urban mobility system.


Motorsport is always a pioneer in electronics and software solutions. Experience we gained through our partners SIN CARS, their ten years designing, building and racing with all over the world is all that our L CITY EVs are established on.
From information system to power module distribution, all electronic systems and components are design and engineered with a Motorsport knowledge and passion. In-house development and integration of these solutions for our electric vehicles gives us independence and experience.

Here you can read more about L CITY’s rapid progress.

Let's Work Together.

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