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The Platform


About the platform

The modular and multifunctional concept of the L CITY Platform is a perfect assistant for businesses such as deliveries and tourism, as well as for the public sector. L CITY is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution for the widest possible variety of businesses.

About The Battery

The internal combustion engine has been in use in the automotive industry for more than a century. The Change to e-mobility has already started and technological progress has made it accessible to the user.
Emission standards and norms for ICE will be much stricter than the current Euro 6 and 7. The battery pack will be the main point in the way vehicles develop over the next decades. We significantly improve the range of our EV’s through integrating solar systems in outside shapes of the vehicles.

L CITY EVs undersign his ability to be part of the future urban mobility ecosystem.


Motorsport is always a pioneer in electronics and software solutions. Experience we gained through our partners SIN CARS, their ten years designing, building and racing with all over the world is all that our L CITY EVs are established on.
From information system to power module distribution, all electronic systems and components are design and engineered with a Motorsport knowledge and passion. In-house development and integration of these solutions for our electric vehicles gives us independence and experience.

Here you can read more about L CITY’s rapid progress.

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