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Driving Change: Powering Electric Vans with the Circular Economy for a Sustainable Tomorrow


We are steadfast in our belief that adopting ecologically sustainable products is the key to building a better world for future generations. At the heart of our electric van designs are the principles of enhanced durability and refurbish ability, in line with the circular economy model. Our production not only adheres to the stringent EU legislative framework but also actively participates in the Circular Economy direction, fostering a greener, more responsible future through sustainable practices.


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Modern solutions

When it comes to clean electric transport, a proper way to dispose of the battery is extremely important. It is the side of EV’s that is used as a main argument of those who oppose this way of transport. The problem is related to the pollution generated from
disposing old lithium-ion batteries and the harm their ingredients cause to nature.

Here at L CITY, we have conceptualized a truly long-term solution to this problem. Even after 10 years and 3000 charging cycles, the battery will still preserve 70% of its capacity.

When its exploitation cycle of 10 years is over, we offer to buy-back the battery from our clients. We will then with some modifications turn it into a house energy storage, which the client could use as an addition to the solar panels installed on their roof.

During the day, the batteries will charge and will preserve the power for a later use. This energy solution has an estimated exploitation cycle of 30-40 years and could be used
even for industrial purposes.

In this manner, we manage to both recycle the old battery pack, WITHOUT harming the environment, and to help households and businesses become more energy-efficient in the future.

10 years and 3000 charging cycles


After 10th year

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