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Who we are

L CITY Automotive GmbH is a German company that has developed electric vehicle platform, aiming for urban transportation of people and goods.

L CITY is in partnership with the sport and racing cars’ manufacturer SIN CARS. This allows implementing racing and motorsport technologies in L CITY EVs.

The Company is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its R&D Center, Testing Lab and production facility are located in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Why we are different

L CITY aims to break the boundaries between the complicated expensive automotive industry and accessible Zero emission business solutions for last miles deliveries.

We believe that adopting ecologically sustainable products is the key to building a better world for future generations. At the heart of our electric van design are the principles of enhanced durability and refurbish ability, in line with the circular economy model.

L CITY electric vehicles are based on technology coming from racing. Integrating best motor sport experience in
L CITY provides reliability and long term strength.

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