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SIN CARS and Romanian representatives signed an agreement for the next stage of the procedure for the construction of the new production factory in Giurgiu, Romania

On October 19, 2022, the president of Giurgiu County Council – Mr. Dumitru Beianu, the Mayor of Giurgiu – Mr. Adrian Angelescu, Prof. Arch. Tiberiu Florescu PhD – President of the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, and other representatives from the Romanian State visited the “Research and Development Center” of SIN CARS in the city of Ruse. The purpose of the visit was to clarify the details of the lease of the land for the construction of the new SIN CARS factory on the territory of Giurgiu, Romania.


The opinions made by the municipality about the terrain and the geodetic surveys confirmed the investment intentions. In this regard, an agreement was signed for the next stage of the procedure until the completion of the design and obtaining a Building Permit for the new production factory.



L CITY model range increase

We want to share with you our vision for expanding the future range of L CITY. We believe that long-term planning is a necessary condition for the successful development of the company.

Together with the work on the light commercial L CITY, we are also working on the creation of an all-electric bus and truck with the same construction concept – on our multifunctional platform L CITY.

The truck is designed to weigh up to 12 tons. The bus will again be designed entirely for the urban environment, with a length of up to 12 meters, with up to 400 km of actual mileage. Photovoltaic panels are again provided on their outer surface to provide additional battery charge. Their creation is consistent with all the parameters and all the components that we already produce. All the electronics created for the van will also be able to be used for the production of the bus and truck.

You can see them in the videos below:






L CITY’s solutions for the Business

L CITY are proud to announce their B2B solutions. The company in collaboration with SIN CARS Industry has developed several components and systems for the L CITY electric vehicles, that can be easily integrated and used by other car manufacturers and businesses working in the field of transportation, logistics and last mile deliveries.

Our teams have come together and developed innovative systems, both software and hardware, that can help the companies optimize their processes, by increasing the efficiency and the safety of the vehicles, as well as reducing the running costs and the negative impact of their activities on the environment.

L CITY offers to the business the following components, systems and software:

  • Dashboard;
  • Power module;
  • Platform & Suspension;
  • Battery;
  • Digital platform;
  • Connection of the car to the cloud the system;
  • Steering system;
  • CAN communication and control modules;
  • AC & Heating;
  • Solar panel controller
  • PV panels and Thermo-panels.

For more details and pictures, please click here.

Success at NUFAM and going to Vienna

The 7th edition of NUFAM Karlsruhe took place from the 30th of September to the 3rd of October. Its goal was to gather under one roof commercial vehicle manufacturers and OEM parts providers. The visitors had the opportunity to see and learn about the latest models, trends and innovations from the world of transport, freight forwarding and logistics.

This is where L CITY Utility Koffer S joined its commercial vehicle peers for the first time. On this year’s participation, on the L CITY’s stand the visitors were also pleasantly surprised to see the SIN R1 road-going sports car, built by our partners at SIN CARS Industry JSC. Both vehicles attracted a lot of attention and interest from potential clients and partners. Visitors could learn about the specifications of the L CITY Utility Koffer S and what it has borrowed from motorsports. We enjoyed the event a lot and are looking forward for the next year’s edition!

L CITY’s 2021 exhibition streak, however, doesn’t end here. Next we are going to Austria. The Parcel + Post Expo will take place in the capital Vienna from the 12th to the 14th of October. The visitors will have the chance to see major industry suppliers, startups and innovators under one roof, and discover future technologies, solutions and services for the parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics and postal industries

Come and visit us at our stand 7070 at hall A and you will see our take on the future of urban mobility!

L CITY Presents Digital Solutions for the Business

An innovative software solution will manage the main functions of the L CITY electric vehicles. It consists of three digital platforms, connected via a Cloud system. The first platform is the smart phone application for the driver. It will serve as a key to access the car, and a mean to control the air-conditioning and the car’s signaling. From the application the user will have an up-to-date information about the EV it is connected to, its battery status, the car’s geo-location and the state of the main systems.

The second platform is a digital hub for fleet management. L CITY is created to serve the needs of the business in the urban environment. It will give the companies, who chose to use L CITY, the ability to organize the transport and logistics, to distribute the EV’s among the drivers, and finally to receive real-time information from the vehicle. In addition, this platform could be connected and adapted to the ERP-system of the enterprise.

The third platform is related to the technical service of the vehicle. The L CITY manufacturer will use it to receive real-time data to provide support for the user remotely 24/7. The application will show if problems occur during exploitation, give information about their nature and will give advice how to resolve them.

The mobile app L CITY connects to the car via Bluetooth or Internet. The whole data from the car will be stored on the Cloud in accordance to all standards for protection and use of such information. It will be accessible by both the drivers and the fleet managers, as well as the company providing service support.

From the mobile application the driver could remotely allow access to the car to another driver if necessary. The same is possible for the fleet manager via the digital control hub.

On the mobile application the battery screen shows the amount of charge it has, the available range, how much power the car receives from the solar panels placed on the walls of the cargo space, how much from the power outlet and how long will it take to reach 100% charge. A very important function is the possibility to set a start and stop time for charging. This way the capacity of the grid will be used optimally without overloading it during the peak hours.

L CITY Automotive GmbH makes its debut at IAA Mobility

The German company L CITY Automotive GmbH will participate at the IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition in Munich, September 7-12, Hall B3, Stand “B03”.

L CITY plans to assemble its multifunctional electric cars in Munich, Bavaria in cooperation with the Bulgarian company SIN CARS Industry JSC. SIN CARS is a renowned name in motorsport with its super car SIN R1. More information can be found here.

L CITY electric car is designed for the needs of the transport industry and fleet companies. The process of homologation of the electric car L CITY in category N1, which is carried out with TUV SUD, is currently underway. Next year, the company plans to homologate the SUN and L BUS models in M1 category. L CITY range will include several light commercial versions that fully cover the needs of industry, fleet management in the city and the region, and in particular – for the so-called Last Mile-Deliveries (supply of shops, courier services, repair services, social services, municipal utilities and others). The light truck L CITY will be available in several models with different sizes of the cargo compartment, which will allow a cargo volume of up to 16 m3 and up to 1300 kg of payload. We also plan in the future the assembly of electric trucks and light series buses (up to 12 m in length), based on the technologies and batteries that L CITY has already developed.

A unique innovation without analogue in series production is the photovoltaic system located on the load compartment of L CITY Koffer. It is designed with the ability to charge the battery on the go or statically throughout the day. The energy obtained allows up to 15% additional mileage obtained in a completely environmentally friendly way (more information here). PV panels are developed together with the Finnish company VALOE Oyj – a leader in the European market for quality and innovation of its products.

10 Years Warranty for the L CITY Battery Pack and BUYBACK!

The optimal power of 60 kWh was selected in a test to provide real min. 200 km mileage on a single charge with fully utilized load capacity of the car. The battery consists of 270 lithium polymer cells located in the middle of the car in a replaceable package. When used for a period of 10 years, the battery will retain 70% of its capacity. If cell replacement is required, L CITY will do so as part of warranty service. After the end of the service life, L CITY will buy the batteries back. It will be possible to build energy stations (energy storages) from the cells with reduced capacity – so that the use of the cells will be as efficient as possible and in accordance with our efforts to preserve the environment. The energy generated during the day from the PV panels in these power plants can be used at home or in the office.

Matrix Manufacturing (MM) – a basic principle of production. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, L CITY electric vehicles will be produced by the matrix production method. It ensures the start of the process with minimal investment in machinery and equipment, and a gradual increase in the number of robotic cells relative to the growth in production volume. There is no processing of sheet material for the construction of the chassis – L CITY introduces a completely new innovative method of spatial construction, based only on prefabricated tubular profiles. This significantly reduces the capital costs for machines and gives an advantage, allowing high efficiency and flexibility in the production of the platform and components of the electric vehicle.

Over 20 years of Planned Car Life

The hot-dip galvanized chassis and composite body parts allows a long service life. L CITY is conceptually designed with these parameters. The modular type of battery and main components will allow us to constantly update and upgrade cars. On the other hand, the electronic modules and components of L CITY are designed for B2B supply and can be used by other manufacturers in the same field.

L CITY APP and 24/7 Service Support

The developed special innovative software application will remotely control the access to the car with a constant exchange of information about its main indicators. It will contain three functional platforms connected to the car via cloud system and a modem. The first will serve to the driver – as a key and as a means of driving and controlling the car. The second option is a digital hub for fleet management, which can be adapted and connected to the ERP-systems of companies – users of L CITY electric vehicles, with huge potential for business development. The third platform will provide 24/7 monitoring of the car’s condition in order to provide real-time service support.

We look forward to meeting you at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, September 7-12, Hall B3, Stand “B03” where we will introduce you to L CITY up close.

First official presentation of L CITY

The big IAA Mobility 2021 exhibition will take place in early September. Representatives of the Mobility and Technology sectors will meet at this international forum. This is where the first big stage for the L CITY electric car will be.

IAA Mobility 2021 will take place in Munich from 7 to 12 September and will present the hottest innovations and trends in transport. Visitors will be able to see L CITY at the place where products of large companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Michelin, Bosch and many others will be presented. The opportunity to be present among so many, already established brands in the automotive industry, will be an exceptional opportunity, honor and responsibility for us, and will give us the opportunity to demonstrate what we have achieved and to enrich our knowledge in the field, to be in keep up with the future. If at the same time you are somewhere near Munich – visit us at the stand of L CITY, we will be waiting for you! More information about the event can be found here.

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