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Misleading representative of L City brand

Dear potential customers and visitors of this post,

We note that Mr. Johan Kraan and his company L City Cars B.V represents himself and his company as representative of L City Cars brand and even purports to sell our electric vehicles.

We have to inform you that any relationship with Mr. Johan Kraan and his company was terminated and that he is not authorized to sell our vehicles, nor has placed orders for the production of such cars, so any negotiation or payment is at your own risk. Our selling channels are directly through this website for the moment.

In case we appoint a representative, it will be mentioned on our webpage.

Ongoing production

The first 10 L City electric vehicles are under manufacturing in the company’s R&D center in Ruse, Bulgaria. Three of those are almost ready and in the beginning of April their owners will have them delivered and operational to support their business as cost effective transport solution.

Here are some of the L City’s KPIs:

  • Payload – 8 m3 / 700 kg
  • Price per kilometer – 4 cents.
  • WLTP Range – 265 km
  • x2 cheaper compared to diesel fuel

If you wish a solution for your last mile deliveries, do not hesitate to contact us

L CITY’s IPO journey to Euronext Amsterdam

On 10th of January 2023, Mr. René van Vlerken acting as Head of Listing at Euronext Amsterdam visited L CITY’s R&D center in Ruse, Bulgaria. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about our company and activities in order to assisting us in our IPO journey.

Following his visit, we were invited to take part in 2023 TechShare x IPOready Program organized by Euronext. Yesterday – 19th of January, Mr. Daskalov who is the CEO of our company attended kick-off meeting giving a start of our road to IPO.

The program continues with Opening Campus that will take place in Rotterdam on 26 and 27 of January.

Great thanks from our Team for the invitation!

SIN CARS and Romanian representatives signed an agreement for the next stage of the procedure for the construction of the new production factory in Giurgiu, Romania

On October 19, 2022, the president of Giurgiu County Council – Mr. Dumitru Beianu, the Mayor of Giurgiu – Mr. Adrian Angelescu, Prof. Arch. Tiberiu Florescu PhD – President of the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, and other representatives from the Romanian State visited the “Research and Development Center” of SIN CARS in the city of Ruse. The purpose of the visit was to clarify the details of the lease of the land for the construction of the new SIN CARS factory on the territory of Giurgiu, Romania.


The opinions made by the municipality about the terrain and the geodetic surveys confirmed the investment intentions. In this regard, an agreement was signed for the next stage of the procedure until the completion of the design and obtaining a Building Permit for the new production factory.



L CITY model range increase

We want to share with you our vision for expanding the future range of L CITY. We believe that long-term planning is a necessary condition for the successful development of the company.

Together with the work on the light commercial L CITY, we are also working on the creation of an all-electric bus and truck with the same construction concept – on our multifunctional platform L CITY.

The truck is designed to weigh up to 12 tons. The bus will again be designed entirely for the urban environment, with a length of up to 12 meters, with up to 400 km of actual mileage. Photovoltaic panels are again provided on their outer surface to provide additional battery charge. Their creation is consistent with all the parameters and all the components that we already produce. All the electronics created for the van will also be able to be used for the production of the bus and truck.

You can see them in the videos below:






L CITY’s solutions for the Business

L CITY are proud to announce their B2B solutions. The company in collaboration with SIN CARS Industry has developed several components and systems for the L CITY electric vehicles, that can be easily integrated and used by other car manufacturers and businesses working in the field of transportation, logistics and last mile deliveries.

Our teams have come together and developed innovative systems, both software and hardware, that can help the companies optimize their processes, by increasing the efficiency and the safety of the vehicles, as well as reducing the running costs and the negative impact of their activities on the environment.

L CITY offers to the business the following components, systems and software:

  • Dashboard;
  • Power module;
  • Platform & Suspension;
  • Battery;
  • Digital platform;
  • Connection of the car to the cloud the system;
  • Steering system;
  • CAN communication and control modules;
  • AC & Heating;
  • Solar panel controller
  • PV panels and Thermo-panels.

For more details and pictures, please click here.

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