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B2B Solutions


B2B Solutions





L CITY aims at helping the business and transportation. The systems and components we designed, developed and created for our vehicles can be integrated by other manufacturers and businesses. We are always open for partnerships and strategic alliances. If you are interested in the following parts and components, please contact us here.


The dashboard serves as an instrument cluster. In addition to the regular information such as speed, travelled distance, the driving mode and the battery charge, it also shows the consumption/regeneration of energy from driving, energy generated from the PV panels, the AC and the car battery voltage. It is created from market available components and in-house customized hardware and software. It is ready to be transferred to other vehicle platforms. The size and the specifications of the screen itself can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the clients.

Power module

The power module is a compact replacement for the fuse and relays box. It is CAN-connected to the vehicle and also substitutes the light module, managing the current for the different light sources of the car and collecting information about their current state. It’s been used over the years in motorsport and has proven itself to be a good and reliable substitute.

Platform & Suspension

The patented scalable L CITY platform due to its scalable design and adaptability can be used as a basis for many different electric vehicles. It is built from standard round and square tubes, easily adaptable to other vehicles purposes and sizes. A key part of the L CITY platform is the suspension, completely integrated in the 300 mm height of the platform. The double wishbone suspension, with dual shock absorbers comes straight from motorsports and provides both stability on corners and a comfortable ride for the driver and the passengers. For B2B solutions we can include front and rear axles with a power train, also fully integrated in the platform. If you are interested to learn more about the L CITY platform, please click here.


The battery, designed and built in collaboration with SIN CARS is reliable, providing good real world range and just like our platform – scalable. It can be easily transformed in an energy storage facility, which uses the same battery cells and BMS system. More information on the battery you can find here.

Steering system

It is based on already existing, proven and tested model, manufactured by official first tier suppliers. L CITY has completely redesigned it and has made it available for other brands and producers to use and integrate.

CAN communication and control modules

L CITY has developed their own CAN boards that connect to all the electric and electronic systems’ modules and components.

AC & Heating

The L CITY-developed AC and Heating control module takes care of the whole heating and cooling process with attention for energy saving. It is based on existing components from the car industry. The high voltage heating consists of an electric liquid heater that can be used both for the battery and the cabin. The operation runs on high voltage and is similar to the water heater in your home. During driving the system takes care of the level of the temperatures inside the vehicle, and for the essential thermo-management of the power train and the battery.

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