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New generation of universal, multifunctional urban electric vehicle for the needs of your business


L CITY SUN is an environmentally friendly vehicle specially designed for tourist transportation to landmarks and sightseeing. The model is an open platform, which allows tourists to have a full experience of the surrounding environment in warm climate countries.

L Bus

L CITY BUS is zero emission vehicle developed for courier services with a minimum of 200 km range. It is suitable for last mile deliveries of goods in large cities and restricted green center areas. The BUS is also available in a passenger version for transportation of up to 8 people.


Our UTILITY vehicle is produced in 3 different models – Pickup, Carrier and Koffer. Every model has its own field of purpose and is available in 4 different modifications. This uniquely developed model gives us the benefit for producing 12 vehicles based on a single platform.


The Courier is a model based on Koffer with increased cabin height and internal path to the cargo compartment.



L CITY TRUCK is a heavyweight transport unit intended for total payload of up to 10 tons.




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