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About the Platform



The platform is specially designed for multifunctional purposes – same chassis is used for all types of vehicles intended to cover different types of businesses. L CITY has developed a various range of EVs aimed at tourist transportation and sightseeing, courier services, deliveries, airport transport, etc.

Modular and easy scalable

It can be manufactured in several different sizes based on customer’s inquiry with possibilities for a second rear axle or four wheel drive configuration. The suspension configuration and drive module are universal and could be easily integrated in both front and rear axles. By scaling the existing platform size and axles, we manage to make different electric vehicles like trucks and city buses.

Innovative design & Reduced manufacturing cost

L CITY innovative design is made with in two main directions – reduced manufacturing cost and Matrix Manufacturing (MM) production and assembly process. Transferring knowledge and innovation from motorsport we build perfect electric vehicle platform. Our advantage is simple, strong and cost effective chassis and suspension solutions for our L CITY electric vehicle. Avoiding sheet metal work and expensive press-metal forming makes independent in-house and cost effective process.

Fully recyclable

L CITY Platform is made of fully recyclable metal and plastic composite materials. Our buy-back and recycling policy allow us to renovate and give second life to your L CITY vehicle. Platform configuration is designed with a possibility to upgrade with new face lift body parts, battery or drive train configuration.

This is our effort to contribute to the environmental protection.

Reliability coming from motor sport

Due to a business combination between L CITY Automotive GmbH and Sin Cars Industry JSC, L CITY applies in its’ products all the knowledge that the sport and racing cars manufacturer SIN CARS has. We have transferred their experience for chassis and roll cage structure, the unique double wishbone suspension with dual shock absorbers per wheel, coming from motorsport and providing strength and stiffness best in class.

Easy for maintenance

Cloud integration of every L CITY electric vehicle gives the possibility for quick update and functionality check, allows monitoring of the electronic systems and remote problems removal.

With access to workshop information we are going to establish extensive network of independent well-known European services. They will be responsible for any repairs involving high-voltage systems or body parts. You will have access to L CITY network of workshops where you can take advantage of your warranty repairs.

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