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10 years warranty

Our battery pack is designed and built with possibility for easy maintenance for the whole lifetime cycle. Using proved and certified Li-Ion cells we are confident to offer 10 years warranty for our In-house constructed battery pack.
In a case of cell failure we change cells with new ones at our expense.


After 10 years or 3000 cycles of using the L CITY battery pack, it still has sufficient capacity of around 70 % to serve as energy storage.
Even if you decide not to choose our energy storage options, in the end of the period the whole battery pack may be completely recycled limiting its damage to nature.

Buy back battery strategy

We are offering you the option to estimate your battery’s life span, redeem it on a price level depending on the capacity left and transform it to energy storage system for the rest of its lifetime.
Your vehicle will receive a new battery with up-to-date technologies and specifications more competitive than ever.

Technical Data

Our engineers and designers joined forces and achieved a unique battery solution. Building our own battery system using different approved cell manufactures make us independent and flexible, giving us the ability to offer different sizes and models. We can easily switch to new, more efficient, more sustainable cells to achieve even better performance for our customers.


The modern fast charging makes battery lifetime shorter. The high current destroys the surface of the electrodes and makes them less efficient, decreasing battery performance. For this reason we chose to design our battery to be charged with low current – up to 32A. With inboard standard charger of 6,6 kWh it takes up to 10 hours. Optional we offer a 10 kWh version, which needs up to 6 hours charge time.

Thermal Control

The prismatic lithium-ion cells we use are with LI-FeS2 chemistry which makes them not suitable for charging below 5° C. For this reason we established a clever heating system, built in the floor of the battery pack. To improve this process, we use 20 mm isolation material all around the pack which preserves the energy when it’s cold outside.
The system is working parallel with the in-car heating system and can be monitored from the L CITY’s dashboard.

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