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Power module

This is the “heart” of our L CITY electric vehicles. It’s a direct integrated solution from motorsport with proven quality and reliability. It is used in the SIN R1 and many other racing cars. Its function is to replace conventional fuses and relays. The module is CAN connected to all the other devices in the car and suggests more precise and reliable control compared to the old technology.

Solar panel controller

Our patent pending solar panel controller is very different from the conventional stationary solar panels on the market. For best performance we control all panels current separately which give us very high level of effectiveness. If one side is against the sun and another is in shade, the system adapts itself to collect as much power as possible. With the energy collected from solar integrated panels we add between 12 and 20 KW per day to the L CITY battery, allowing to run up to 70 km per day in addition to the fully charged mode.

High-voltage heater (HVH)

Electric liquid heater is still the best way to heat a battery and a passenger compartment. The operation runs on high voltage and is similar to the water heater in your home. During driving the HVH takes care of the level of the temperatures inside the vehicle, and for the essential thermo management of the power train battery. Our tests resulted in efficiency rating constantly above 95 percent. Another application of the L CITY HVH is the ability to recuperate energy to be used for heating when braking.

A/C control module

Air conditioning in EVs is a sensitive point. The process is high energy consumable and when the power comes from a battery it must be very well managed. That’s why we developed our own AC control module where we take care the whole heating and cooling process with attention for energy saving. The special ingredient in our process is recuperation when braking which saves a lot of energy for city driving traffic.

Battery pack

In-house developed high-voltage L CITY battery system is based on approved Li-ion cells and 3 years researches. Conceived as a design to cost effective solution, we have maintained an open system approach with prismatic cells with basic capacity of 60 kW/h. Combine different connection inside battery modules from 6 -72 Ah cells and unlimited number of battery packs connected together we can make inboard or stationary power train energy sources with unlimited parameters . We have oriented our L CITY models to the need B2B requirements of the market.

Solar Energy solution

The standard solar panels are effective only for stationary objects due to their high weight. That’s why we established a solution together with leading supplier for lightweight solar panels. With different cell combinations we managed to cover any flat or cylindrical surface on our vehicles. The design of our Koffer is projected with insulation panels in order to fit our solar solution. Multiplied on bigger L CITYs combined with our solar panel controller saves up to 20 % daily energy.

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