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New generation of universal, multifunctional urban electric vehicle for the needs of your business

Brand & Identity.

L CITY is a new generation of universal, multifunctional urban electric vehicle for the needs of your business. It combines practicality, economy and is in full sync with the modern environmental standards.
The modular concept of the L CITY platform is the ideal assistant for businesses in industry, trade and tourism, as well as for the public sector. Created as a universal tool for foreign countries, L CITY is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution for the widest possible variety of businesses.

The Unique Construction

The multifunctional platform is unique in its appearance, without an equivalent worldwide, protected by a patent.
The construction of the platform allows to be upgraded and modified according to the needs of different customers at any time. The use of standard steering, pedals and seat control is intended to be replaced by autonomous steering.

Energy System

The specifics of the construction of the L CITY battery are totally different from other vehicle brands.
Thanks to its construction, we have the opportunity to buy back the battery and recycle it.
After testing the old cells, those with reduced capacity, could be used to build stationary modules for storing electricity – L CITYEnergy Storage.

Optimal Modular Structure

On the top of the standard platform is located the modular structure, which can be customized for various applications.
This includes different configurations for the passenger and freight compartments.

'Green' Motion Systen

Urbanization in large cities leads to a growing need for a “green” traffic system, especially in central urban areas, where L City finds its best application.

Specialized Modules

Courier and logistics services

Delivery of medicines and food

Landscaping and waste disposal companies

Improved Body Concept

In addition, each panel could be opened one (door) or
permanently mounted, also partially or fully glazed.

The main components of the platform are easily replaceable
in case there is a better technical solution for the future.

The hood, doors, bumpers and roof are made by
thermo-vacuum molding of UV-protected, pre-painted
ABS panels.

Adaptive Technology

Solar panels

Environmental Sustainability

Energy Efficiency

Functional Equipment

Standart Equipment

Security Systems

Interior options

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