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Transferred from motorsport, it is a masterpiece space frame technology. We manage to make light, strong platform with attention on reliability. The battery pack located in the middle of the L CITY Chassis is the best solution in the terms of safety. All around battery pack is protected from specially designed crash zones. Side impact is one of the worst scenarios for a car crash and that’s why we paid attention when designing. Driving compartment is also protected with antiroll cage structure, combine with composite bodywork give the best human protection. Avoiding sheet metal work and expensive press-metal forming makes manufacturing of the L CITY platforms independent, in-house, cost effective process. Scaling the existing platforms we managed to make different platform combinations for L CITY EVs.


It is a key point for every road vehicle. We made our platform fully flat and independent from the bodywork. Using double wishbone solution we guarantee quality and strength in long term exploitation. Also double shock absorber per wheel integration is used which gives the best comfort and load capabilities for L CITY electric vehicles. Unification front and rear axle’s and suspension’s parts makes production process cost effective.


The drive train of the electric vehicles is usually granted with a lot of power and torque, but since the idea behind L CITY is efficiency, energy saving and long-term reliability, we took a different approach. The main purpose of the L CITY is to drive around cities; therefore it comes with effective peak power of 80 KW of the motor, from an approved German supplier, giving it a more reasonable and completely sufficient top speed of 90 km/h. The design of the drivetrain allows it to be fitted on both the front and/or rear axles. We only work with the best suppliers and are ready to provide our products to our B2B customers.

Steering system

Steering systems in modern cars is electric power assisted, so we kept this configuration. We made some improvements of ours – using OE supplier with long term experience to be sure for quality and reliability. Directed in front of the axle allowing to position the driver in perfect configuration and to safe loading space. Unificated front and rear suspension leads the possibility for rear axle to steer.

Composite bodywork

We choose manufacturing L CITYs with composite body parts again because of the motorsport experience. Combining new methods of RTM infusion we are able to make fully recyclable parts, much stronger and easy for operate compare to sheet metal forming. Shorter development time and costs makes our investment for new L CITY configurations very effective.

Interior parts

Inside L CITY you will not find luxury and unnecessary parts. Simplicity, practice and cost effectiveness were main points we took care during the design and development. Inside communication system like Dashboard is specially design by us to make easy and comfort drive. All interior forming parts are coated with upholstering fabrics and could be ordered with different color and material combinations.

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