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L CITY Presents Digital Solutions for the Business

August 28, 2021
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August 28, 2021 lcitycars

L CITY Presents Digital Solutions for the Business

An innovative software solution will manage the main functions of the L CITY electric vehicles. It consists of three digital platforms, connected via a Cloud system. The first platform is the smart phone application for the driver. It will serve as a key to access the car, and a mean to control the air-conditioning and the car’s signaling. From the application the user will have an up-to-date information about the EV it is connected to, its battery status, the car’s geo-location and the state of the main systems.

The second platform is a digital hub for fleet management. L CITY is created to serve the needs of the business in the urban environment. It will give the companies, who chose to use L CITY, the ability to organize the transport and logistics, to distribute the EV’s among the drivers, and finally to receive real-time information from the vehicle. In addition, this platform could be connected and adapted to the ERP-system of the enterprise.

The third platform is related to the technical service of the vehicle. The L CITY manufacturer will use it to receive real-time data to provide support for the user remotely 24/7. The application will show if problems occur during exploitation, give information about their nature and will give advice how to resolve them.

The mobile app L CITY connects to the car via Bluetooth or Internet. The whole data from the car will be stored on the Cloud in accordance to all standards for protection and use of such information. It will be accessible by both the drivers and the fleet managers, as well as the company providing service support.

From the mobile application the driver could remotely allow access to the car to another driver if necessary. The same is possible for the fleet manager via the digital control hub.

On the mobile application the battery screen shows the amount of charge it has, the available range, how much power the car receives from the solar panels placed on the walls of the cargo space, how much from the power outlet and how long will it take to reach 100% charge. A very important function is the possibility to set a start and stop time for charging. This way the capacity of the grid will be used optimally without overloading it during the peak hours.

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