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Here in L CITY we strive satisfy the needs of the modern urban businesses with innovative solutions. We are proud to present the L CITY digital platform. It has been developed with the driver and the fleet manager in mind.

For the driver, we are introducing the L CITY mobile application. It is created to facilitate the access to the vehicle, to control and monitor its main functions. See the galleries below for more information:

Main screen

The main screen of the application is where the driver will have most of the information for the cars, as well as control it. At the top of the screen is shown the model of L CITY the application is connected to and the license plate number. Next to it is the button for sending inquiries to the L CITY service center. Below is the status of the vehicle – parked/driving and the current speed.
Next is an exact image of the vehicle.
Next are status indicators for connection with the vehicle via mobile data and Bluetooth, and the battery status and range. Under them we have the lock/unlock button.
Below are three buttons for the main functions: AC button to open the air-conditioning, the hazards button and the horn. At the bottom of the screen are situated the buttons for each screen of the application.


The screen for the air-conditioning shows the current temperature in the cabin at the top half of the screen. At the bottom the driver can adjust the desired temperature and switch the AC on and off.


The Power screen’s purpose is to control and monitor the charging.
At the top of the screen we have the status of the vehicle: unplugged/plugged/charging. Below is situated the battery status, the same as in the main screen and next to it is the total charge time.

Under them is a scheme showing how much energy does the battery receive from the charger and how much from the PV panels.
Next is the Stop Charging button if it is required to cut the process from distance. Next is the button for the charging timer (L CITY vehicles come with the ability to set a delayed
charging). It functions similar to an alarm clock where you set the hours for start and stop times and then you switch on the timer with the sliding button.


The Map screen’s purpose is to show the current location of the vehicle and if it is stationary or moving.

Car status

The Car status screen helps diagnose the vehicle if a problem should occur as well as to give suggestions how to resolve it.


The More screen leads to 4 screens. The first one is the air-conditioning, the second one is for
establishing connection via Bluetooth, the third one gives static data about the vehicle and the
fourth one is for configuring the drivers profile.

The desktop application is based on the needs of the company that possesses and uses a fleet of
vehicles. This application helps managing the transportation and the logistics of the enterprise.

User management

In the User Management screen, the company can add and remove drivers from their network, update information and most importantly grant and restrict access to certain vehicles.
If the list of drivers is long, the fleet manager can search by Name, Surname, Mobile Number, Email, and/or assigned vehicle.

Vehicle inventory management

The Vehicle Inventory Management serves to add and remove vehicles to the fleet and assign them to the drivers. If the list of vehicles is long, the fleet manager can search by the VIN Number, Model, Plate number, and/or who it is assigned to.

Remote car monitoring

From the Vehicle Inventory Management the fleet manager can see the vehicle’s current status, its location, as well as follow and control the charging process.

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