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In-House Architecture


In-House Architecture

The L CITY basic battery is built from modules 6 X 72 Ah cells on a module. A 6P1S configuration is used. Total number of cells is 270, resulting in 60 kWh battery pack. With 432 A nominal current of the battery pack and 500A max current from our Drive system we are near 1C rate of discharge which gives us the advantages of safe exploitation for the lifetime, longer cell life and no need of a cooling system. All these efforts are made in order to provide a finished, fully functioning L CITY battery at a little cost for our customers.


62,2 kWh

Nominal voltage



265 km WLTP


16 modules

Ion cells

270 prismatic Lithium-Ion cells

Cell capacity

230 Wh


Nominal voltage – 3,2 V
Nominal current – 72 Ah

Nominal battery pack current

432 A

Life span

L CITY’s batteries will still have over 70% capacity after 3,000 cycles or 10 years usage, if charged every day.

Battery pack

The standard battery pack with capacity of 60 kWh could be connected in parallel and could easily reach a 300 kWh capacity and a voltage up to 800 V. This will be used in larger L CITY vehicles like trucks and busses.

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